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Why Energy Storage Solutions
are used Today in Ontario

The majority of energy storage deployments have been Lithium Ion batteries in 2015 according to McKinsey & Company. Battery technology continues to evolve and become more efficient (i.e. charging and discharging) while dropping in cost. Beyond the obvious applications such as plug-in-hydribds vehicles and consumer electronics, battery applications can satisfy both a short term need of a lot of power, or a lower power need over a longer period of time.

No where will Energy Storage using battery applications make more sense than in Ontario. During the last decade, Ontario's electricity market has changed having shut down 4,500 MW of coal fired caseload. Refurbishment of costly nuclear is ongoing, and Ontario has continued to maintain and grow its hydro baseload and deploy new CCGT generation. However, its in the long term contracts offered to wind power and solar power, where excessive costs and a huge burden on ratepayers has emerged, within something called the Global Adjustment ("GA").

The IESO, Ontario's System Operator oversees and reconciles $17 billion in funds from IESO administered markets, related services, programs and electricity charges. Within its IC&I customer base, IESO customers pay GA charges based on their percentage contribution to the top five peak Ontario demand hours over a 12-month period. These customers are referred to as Class "A". A year ago in April , 2017, the Provincial Government reduced the IC&I threshold from 1 MW to 500 kW to allow broader customer participation and enable lower electricity costs thereby making manufactures more competitive. This is known as Ontario Regulation 429/04. Prior to May 31st of each year, eligible customers are informed by their LDC, and must opt in by June 15 of each year to participate in ICI. Beginning on July 1st, they wouldl then be charged as Class "A" customers for the adjustment period.

About PES Energy Storage Systems

Perpetual Energy Solutions is a leading renewable energy solution provider with projects spanning much of North America. Our success has been in energy efficiency where we pioneered the Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) on the back of geothermal technologies. Under our ESPC model, clients realize guaranteed energy savings without any commitment of capital.

Now that we've perfected the ESPC model, we are looking to expand and include lithium-ion technology. We have partnered with leading battery manufacturers and are installing energy storage systems on large use consumer sites. We operate these systems with the primary focus of reducing peak demand charges. In Ontario, this is commonly referenced as the Global Adjustment charge.

Much like our geothermal offering, we guarantee savings to our clients — a first of kind in Ontario. Clients do not commit any capital, simply realize the savings. In exchange for our efforts, we simply request 50% of the guaranteed savings.


As mentioned above, time to achieve these savings making your business operation e.g. hospital, data centre, manufacturing facility etc., more competitive is critical. Typical installations take about a year due to various permits that are required. Please get in touch with PES Corp. at the address below if you want to begin saving significantly on your electricity (GA) costs annually.

Why Geothermal

Right now is the most opportune time to support Geothermal Heat Pump technology, a proven renewable technology that has been in operation for decades and is commonly referred to as Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP). Recently, Standards have been established (i.e. CSA 448.1 and CSA B137.1) for GSHPs. These have been inserted into the Ontario Building Code.

There is an unmitigated rise in energy related Local Distribution Company "delivery" costs in Ontario. Key factors that contribute to the ongoing rise of LDC delivered energy (both electric and gas) are due to: aging infrastructure, long-term ratepayer subsidies for wind and solar, refurbished nuclear plants, smart meter deployment, cancelled gas plant costs, and a looming carbon tax in Ontario and across Canada.

With the significant jump in condominium developments (i.e. 287 new skyscrapers under construction in Toronto in 2015: Source Toronto Hydro) developers are finally rethinking the life cycle or operating costs for their building energy systems. Developers are opting to install GSHP systems to attain LEED or Toronto Green Standard 2 status. This TGS2 level is extremely difficult to obtain without GSHP systems being installed in buildings as the Ontario Building Code is increasing energy efficiency requirements by 13% in 2017. In addition to new or "greenfield" buildings, GSHP installations can be easily introduced to retrofit older buildings that were not built for energy efficiency some 20-50 years ago. Finally, with a 2017 introduction of Carbon limits (CO2) leading to a Cap and Trade emissions system in Ontario and nationwide, developers and owners are looking to defray looming carbon penalties.

About us

Perpetual represents a new and integrated approach to design-build finance of GSHP and renewable energy systems in buildings. Using a unique turnkey approach, including financing, experienced engineering and design, feasibility studies including energy modelling, conductivity testing, leading drilling techniques and permits, and state of the art geothermal heat pump equipment all CSA approved, Perpetual is the industry leader in GSHP installations. Perpetual works closely with developers for all archetypes and buildings, from condominiums to commercial, retail and institutional including schools and social housing to design the most optimal space conditioning system for any building, leading to substantial savings in energy for both heating and cooling. A well-engineered GSHP system that models seasonal energy loads can reduce heating energy consumption up to 70% and cooling needs up to 40%. Management at Perpetual has over 60 years of GSHP, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency project design and implementation, and Electric and Gas Utility issues leading to deployment of complementary micro-grid, energy storage, and utility- partnership solution capability.

Perpetual seeks to lower building energy consumption by up to 70%, and to create NET ZERO buildings to significantly reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from buildings and ensure added resiliency needs are met. It's estimated that buildings generate approximately 30% of all GHGs in Canada. GHG emissions are the single largest contributor to Climate Change that has devastating implications for our planet. Perpetual's management believe that the above technologies are the best tools available to combat GHG emissions from buildings.

Benefits to developers include:

Benefits to tenants in buildings:

Senior Management

Dan Goldberger, CEO, Perpetual Energy Solutions Corp.

Dan has over 32 years of varied professional expertise including: corporate finance (CIBC, New York), real estate development (Toronto), energy efficiency project management (ICLEI), electric utility issues advisory (CEA) and gas utility technology R&D and project management (CGA). Dan's role with Perpetual Energy Solutions Corp. is to drive sales and revenues through business development, and oversee corporate operations and government relations.

Honours BA, York University,
Masters in International Affairs specializing in International Finance, Columbia University,
Diploma in Real Estate Finance, New York University

Robert Mancini, P.Eng., President, Perpetual Energy Solutions Corp.

Robert has over 32 years as President of RA Mancini & Associates, of design-build energy modelling, training and skills capacity building for GSHP systems, and has designed over 200,000 tons of Geo-Exchange systems across North America. Robert has been the leading voice in Canada for the design and adoption of critical CSA standards 448.1 and 137.1 (Canadian Standards Association) for GSHP systems—leading to a higher degree of quality assurance for all GSHP installations. Robert has proven expertise in integration of other renewable energy technologies such as PV solar and Solar Thermal in tandem with GSHP systems. Robert has co-authored several technical peer review papers and is a widely recognized expert in the renewable energy field.

Robert's role with Perpetual Energy Solutions Corp. is to lead design and engineering solutions for all GSHP projects, and oversee all contracting/sub-contracting matters and project management for geothermal and other renewable energy solutions.

Perpetual has several strategic alliances in place including with a leading national drilling company, and a corporate legal advisor.


Perpetual's principals have designed geothermal projects with Canadian and U.S. utilities and developers. Projects span all archetypes, greenfield and retrofit, and include commercial, residential, schools, resorts, colleges, universities, etc. that reduce GHG emissions by 115,000 tons annually. Some of the projects designed and built are described below:

Baldwin Wallace College

Baldwin Wallace College

Berea, Ohio

The Ernsthausen Hall Student Residence
Achieved 73% savings over the original perimeter gas based hot water heating system in the first year of operation.

Father Michael McGivney Academy

Father Michael McGivney Academy

Markham, Ontario

The first integrated Geothermal Heat Pump System. This system provides heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic hot water. Includes the first Geothermal greenhouse in Canada.

Lovell Place

Lovell Place

Erie, Pennsylvania
(110,000 ft2 plus Historical Building Retrofit)

Lovell Place, is one of the largest Geothermal Retrofits of an Historical Building in North America. The Original Building belonged to Lovell Manufacturing a company that became famous at the turn of the past century for its hand clothes wringers. Listed in the American National Register of Historic Places since January 16, 1997.

The Mary DiAngelo Performance Center and Gallery

The Mary DiAngelo Performance Center and Gallery

Erie, Pennsylvania

The first and only 800 Seat GeoThermally heated and cooled Performance Theatre in North America.

The Metrus Office Building

The Metrus Office Building

Richmond Hill, Ontario

The first Geothermal office building in Canada.

Sir Sanford Flemming College

Sir Sanford Flemming College

Frost Campus

Lindsay, Ontario

Environmental & Natural Resources Sciences Building
The first building in North America designed with separate ground exchangers for thermal energy storage as well as integration with solar thermal.

St. Nicholas (Tebrik) Catholic School

St. Nicholas (Tebrik) Catholic School

Newmarket, Ontario

The first 'Svek' Slinky System in the world.

Edge Condos

Edge Condos

Liberty Village, Toronto, Ontario

300 Units

Epic Condos

Epic Condos

Liberty Village, Toronto, Ontario

435 Units

The Bridge Condos

The Bridge Condos

Liberty Village, Toronto, Ontario

22 Stories, 531 Units

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Robert Mancini, P.Eng.

President, Perpetual Energy Solutions Corp.

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